Tips to Improve your Photographic Mindset

According to nature photographer — Mayur Rele, creative minds from time to time hit creative blocks, where we’re not learning or discovering new things. As a photographer trying to push your own boundaries, it can be frustrating at times.

Here, Mayur Rele want to share some ideas on how to overcome creative blocks and get yourself in a mindset to create better images.

Set aside some time to explore different perspectives. Experiment with different angles, heights, and ranges, that you may not be a part of your normal routine. Get out of your comfort zone, which is the only limitation for you finding a new perspective.

In a digital age, it’s easy to shoot hundreds of images at a single location. While this is convenient, it dulls your creative thinking, says Mayur Rele. Instead of firing off dozens of shots, meticulously look at the scene and think about the essence of your subject, how and what you’re trying to capture.

Go out and focus on one color in particular. Shoot nothing but that. Build yourself a mini-portfolio based off that single dominant color. Find subjects, textures, shapes, small bits and large areas of that color. This channels your mind into tossing out other distractions and brings a purpose into focus.

Get out of the mindset of only bringing your camera with you when you go on a trip, or purposefully intend on using it. Try carrying it around with you everywhere you go for a whole week. By doing so, you’ll be constantly reminded to slow down and look at things differently.

There’s a huge trend right now of post-processing images and editing them to perfection, says Mayur Rele. Focus on taking the best photographs you can, and don’t make post-processing the primary purpose of your photography.

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